Monday, September 12, 2005

Hello to all our friends and family. I am starting to do our very own blog. This way we can keep our family and friends up to date with what is going on in our busy fast paced lives.We have had an awesome summer, lots of BBQ's, road trips, family functions and just hanging out with friends.

There were no major broken bones this summer~as last year Tyler decided to be Mr. Hot Rod and break his collar-bone. Everyone is doing great and we are all healthy and happy.

Tyler is getting ready to go into the 3rd grade at Sandhill Elementary. Absolutely wonderful school, we are hoping for a male teacher this year so keep all your fingers crossed! :) We are hoping to get Tyler into soccor, and baseball and maybe even some karate. So we will be busy.

Taelynne keeps us running every second of the day as she is just so busy. We are working on potty training which has been very interesting! Taelynne is totally into playing with friends at her daycare, playing with Tiger (the kitty next door) and if she gets the chance she loves to watch Dora! Oh to be a child again....

Shawn is busy with his job, hanging drywall. He got hired on with another drywalling company. They keep him busy with work, but he still has time to play!

I continue to work at the hospital and commute from Belfair to Renton..what was I thinking? I continue to look for work out on the peninusla but nothing yet. I work with some great people and that is what makes it hard to leave.


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